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The standard rental of the inflatable is 6 hours but depending on availability and your needs we may be able to accommodate your requests. Please reach out to us for additional pricing if you need a longer rental time. When booking online the “start” time is the time we will have it set-up by. Typically we arrive at least an hour prior to the start time to set-up. Times vary depending on our schedule but we will call the day before with a delivery time and to confirm you will be home to accept the delivery.

Under no circumstances should water be used with any inflatable that is not designed for such use. However, there are inflatables designed for use with water. We will be glad to let you know what water units are available for you to rent for your event. It is your responsibility to  provide a water hose long enough to reach desired setup location.

Our inflatables can be set up on grass, cement, concrete, asphalt, or even indoors with a different anchoring system available for every possible combination. When placing your reservation, please let us know on what type of terrain your rental will be installed. Inflatables that are setup on grass are anchored with long steel stakes, while inflatables that are setup on other surfaces or indoors are anchored with sandbags.

We recommend no less than 25ft wide by up to 50ft in length.  All dimensions and space requirements are located in our product information. 

We cannot guarantee that the inflatable will not affect your lawn. In most cases, it will only temporarily flatten the grass, which should recover in a few days. When renting a waterslide, damage can occur around the slide, primarily from water and high foot traffic in concentrated areas.

The inflatable should be within 50ft of a 110v outlet, on its own 20 amp circuit and no other devices plugged into the outlet being used. Some larger inflatables require multiple outlets on  separate circuits. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the power your inflatable will require.

Our units are staked deep into the ground for stability and safety. The homeowner is responsible for having all underground utilities located and marked before we arrive with your rental.

As you know, the weather doesn’t always cooperate with our plans. We will not make the decision to cancel your event lightly. There will be careful consideration and communication with you. We watch the weather diligently leading up to the days before your scheduled rental. If winds are sustained at or exceeding 15 mph or gusts of 20 mph or more are predicted, that is a serious safety concern as are thunderstorms and most likely your rental will need to be rescheduled or cancelled. If there is a slight chance of rain, the decision may me left up to you, the customer. Please know that once a rental is delivered and set up, we have already incurred costs and a refund will not be issued.

If you suspect rain and decide you need to cancel or reschedule your rental, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.

Yes, they are designed with safety first. They are made from a fire retardant material with safety netting all around. If you follow the rules provided, these units are very safe. All safety rules and guidelines will be reviewed prior to use. All units will be staked into the ground for safety; if the unit will be set up on concrete, please make sure to let us know ahead of time so we can provide sand bags to secure the inflatable. 

When choosing a company, safety should be your top priority.

All we really need is a relatively flat, open area that does not have any overhead obstructions and a power outlet within 50 feet of where the unit is to be set up. If no electricity is available, portable generators are available to rent upon request.

Yes, the blower needs to stay on at all times.  However, if you do need to turn off the unit for any reason, it is perfectly safe. Just make sure everyone has exited the unit and make sure that the unit does not deflate onto any sharp objects or obstructions

Our recommendation is that you book as soon as you know the date you might need a bounce house.

We always reserve the right to cancel a reservation if there is severe weather. However, if weather conditions are marginal when we drop off the unit, and you decide to keep the unit, we do not recommend that they be used in periods of heavy rain. 

No, we will decide with you upon delivery the best and safest place to place the unit. We use the required stakes to secure each unit in order to meet ASTM standards for safety.

Not only can you damage our equipment, but improperly securing the unit comes with great risk to you and your guests. A minimum $300 charge is immediate if our equipment is moved. If the equipment is damaged, you could incur a replacement and/or repair charge of up to $5000.


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