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Product Information:

Introducing the Llamapalooza Bounce House with Slide – an exciting and versatile inflatable that guarantees hours of fun! This innovative bounce house combines the thrill of bouncing with the added excitement of a slide and the refreshing option to turn it into a water adventure. 

Key Features

Llama Theme: Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of llamas with our Llama theme! Featuring vibrant colors, playful llamas, and lively decorations, this bounce house creates a festive atmosphere for any event. 

Bouncing Fun: The main bouncing area provides a spacious and safe environment for kids and adults alike to jump, bounce, and release energy. The durable and reinforced materials ensure a sturdy structure that can withstand enthusiastic play. 

Single Lane Slide: Amp up the excitement with a thrilling single lane slide! Perfect for adding an extra element of adventure, the slide offers a smooth and exhilarating descent for an unforgettable experience. 

Water Play Option: Take the Llamapalooza Bounce House to the next level by transforming it into a water wonderland! The inflatable pool at the base of the slide allows you to add water for a refreshing and slippery surface, turning your bounce house into a mini water park. 

Inflated Pool Design: The integrated inflated pool is designed for safety and comfort. It provides a soft landing for sliders and ensures a controlled and enjoyable water experience.  

Quality and Safety Assurance: Safety is our top priority. The Llamapalooza Bounce House with Slide meets industry standards for quality and safety, with reinforced seams, secure anchoring points, and non-toxic materials. 

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, family gathering, or community event, the Llamapalooza Bounce House with Slide is sure to be the highlight, providing entertainment and laughter for everyone involved. Get ready for a bouncing adventure like no other! 

Bouncing Area Size: 

The bouncing area is 10x10 feet, providing ample space for kids 10 and under to enjoy bouncing and playing. 

Overall Dimensions: 

The overall dimensions of the inflatable are 26.5 feet in length, 12.5 feet in width, and 13.5 feet in height. It's essential to consider these dimensions when choosing a suitable location for setup. 

Clearance Space: 

To guarantee a safe play environment, ensure that there is sufficient clearance space around the inflatable. This includes accounting for any obstacles, walls, or structures that might be nearby


Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

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